Asset Summary Report and Drone Data

This web sub-site is intended to showcase some of the data collected from various SWD facilities that WaterBridge contracted to be visited, aerial imaged, a 3D point cloud made and have all major equipment identified and cataloged.

The sites were visited from 3/4 through 3/11

Equipment Data Collection

When each facility is visited all the major equipment is identified and cataloged using this tool.

To install the tool local to your device or see it in a browser window, click on either of the buttons below.

The tool is fully functional and is populated with current data.

Equipment Summary Report

From the field collection tool a visual report is generated and published to a .pdf file and aerial videos are recorded.

Google kmz overlay & Geotiff orthomosaic

With Goggle KML files generated from the drone flying the facilities, office managers can review and coordinate field operations and activities.

2D GEOTiff orthomosaic files allow you to easily import, overlay and view design plans and utility maps on all drawings of your project and they can be used in a host of GIS applications as well.

3d Measurable point cloud

By combining drone data sets with the technology of photogrametry, a digital twin of the facility is created that can be analyzed, measured and studied using a simple interface viewing tool.