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When you want to look back on your project and see nothing but success, call Phase 1. You’ll be glad you did!

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Quality 2D CAD Design Expertise

Our decades of widely diversified design experience across many facets of industry experience make us much more than CAD designers! While others may fall short in the category of sage design expertise, we will exceed your expectations. The fact is that our work products come from a broader base of knowledge, usually beginning with a P&ID like the one seen here.

Our engineering drawing expertise encompasses the nuances of many industries. We don’t have to wonder, “What’s right in this or that circumstance?”, because we’ve been there … and back! When we apply our sage expertise to your project you see the benefits immediately, and far down the road! We meticulously develop each and every design, leaving nothing to chance; addressing and including every important detail. In the end, it’s a work product we are proud of before you see it, and one you’ll be proud to see and use when we turn it over to you.

Detailed 3D CAD Design Services

Our team has an extensive and successful track record in the fields of 3D CAD design and modeling.  Whether you need a model of small component, or an entire facility, no job is either too small or too large for Phase1.  We have created 3D CAD drawings and software models for single components and for entire facilities like water and wastewater plants, power and cogeneration stations, beverage plants, microelectronic manufacturers, pharmaceuticals complexes, oil and gas production or processing facilities, pulp and paper plants, healthcare facilities, radium and uranium removal plants and many more.  So, when you need CAD design services … we’re your firm!

  • Senior personnel with experience in the design of field of equipment for most industries.
    • We apply lessons learned from our experience to assure a continuous improvement environment.
  • Fully-integrated 3D CAD g design platforms.
    • We utilize cutting edge 3D design tools to rapidly develop layouts for your review, our cooperative optimization, and rapid implementation.
      • We use only the latest, most up-to-date software applications, databases and 3D modeling software.



    • Highly-detailed fabrication drawings.
      • Whether you need/want a 2D or 3D work product we produce the highest levels of detail
        • We use the latest most modern tools; we are able to reduce the time between engineering drawings and fabrication drawings.
          • Ours is always a fast track
    • We execute complex design assignments using the latest in collaborative philosophy.
      • We collaborate with your team members in a positive, cooperative atmosphere to get the most meaningful results
    • We minimize your “speed-to-market”.
      • Our up-to-date software tools and execution strategies reduce the time required to execute the core elements of any design.
        • We deliver on-time results which improve system constructability and operability.


      Drone 3D Modeling Services

      We are a leading resource for specialty drone modeling services, and we’re ultra- competitively priced too! We can fly your plant or facility on short notice and almost immediately convert the GPS vectored flight details into a measureable 3D point cloud and mesh of your plant. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars and months on “as-built” drawings, we can fly your plant in a day or less, and we can generate a as-built measureable 3D model in a day or two … all for a very cost effective price! In less than a week you can view our model of your facility in AutoCAD’s free Navisworks Viewer, one of the most user-friendly and highly detailed 3D model viewing tools. 

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