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Phase 1, LLC provides premium drone and asset management services. We’ve worked in nearly all industries, and understand the special needs of each.  We can fly your site or facility on short notice and quickly convert the GPS vectored flight details into a 3D digital twin model. 

Hi Country 2 Estates

Contour Shapefile

Click to download the .zipped file of the shp file of contours generated from the drone dataset – file includes projection data used

SHP file of contours (8/2/2021) 1.0 MB

Orthomosaic Imagery

Click to download the .zipped file of the single merged orthomosaic file to use with any civil engineering software. (Civil 3D, ArcGIS, etc…)

Orthomosaic/GeoTiff (8/2/2021) 1.6 MB

Google Earth Visualization

Click to download a zip file for viewing the site in Google Earth. The Google .kml file in the associated zip file will load all associated tiles are in the file.

Google Earth KML File (8/2/2021) 3.4 MB

High Resolution 1/2’ Contours

Click to download a High Resolution DXF Contour File Compatable with your software.

High Resolution Contours (8/3/2021)

2018 Lidar Contours

Click to download a KMZ file for Google Earth to view contours generated of the area from a 2018 UGRC Lidar Scan

2018 Lidar Contours (8/2/2021) 3.4 K

AutoCAD DWG File and Imagery

Click to download an Autocad 2020 file with Xref to Orthomosaic tile files also linked below.

2020 AutoCAD Drawing (8/2/2021) 4.3 MB

Orthomosaic Tiles for AutoCAD file above (8/2/2021)1.6 MB

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